Habby Fruit Hot Sauce

Give all your food a “Habby” ending!

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"Habby Fruit is a habanero-fruit based hot sauce made with tons of flavor, enhancing your favorite foods!"


  • You don’t know hot sauce until you know Habby Fruit. This is wicked good! I discovered it a few months back and now I [...]

    Steve Electrician

  • Ok, so everyone in my office was talking about this Habby Fruit and I thought it was just another sauce until I tried it[...]

    Tanner Engineer

  • Holy Smokes this stuff is DA-BOMB! Four words: Habby-Fruit on wings. You are welcome.[...]

    Jared Mechanic

  • Four unique flavors give your mouth endless delicious possibilities. Habby Fruit has your mouth covered from breakfast t[...]

    Greg Researcher

  • Who would possibly believe fruit and habanero peppers could create such a flavorful experience? Your mouth gets the best[...]

    Joan Teacher

  • My son won’t eat breakfast unless he has Habby Fruit on his oatmeal. It is a staple in our refrigerator now. Will you [...]

    Cassie Homemaker

  • Habby Fruit is Habby-licious! There is nothing like it on the market! I was not a fan of hot sauce until I discovered Ha[...]

    Keith Sales

  • Can I give this more then a 5 STAR rating, please?! We put Habby Fruit on everything! My son loves Habby Fruit Raspberry[...]

    Lynn Project Manager

  • Fantastic combination of fruits and heat. Neither are overpowering, just right! We have used all Habby Fruit hot sauce f[...]

    Mike Business Owner

  • I was never a fan of habanero sauces….until I tried Habby Fruit!! Habby Fruit is the perfect complement to my grilled[...]

    Johny Sales

  • Habby Fruit is the key to waking up in the morning! I sprinkle some Blackberry Habanero on top of my eggs and toast for [...]

    Marcus Engineer

  • I bought the Blackberry hot sauce, it’s delicious! I plan to put it on everything else. Highly Recommended![...]

    Cynthia Researcher

  • These hot sauces are fantastic! Great fruit based flavors, not just heat…so many uses![...]

    Donna Analyst

  • All of their sauces have some heat, but the fruits balance everything out beautifully. Check out these hot sauces![...]

    Michael Pulmonary Equipment Technician

  • The Habby Fruit hot sauce is so flavorful!!! Came home from the Hamburg-er Festival and cracked it open!! In beginning, [...]


  • Made omelets this morning by sautéed onions and spinach in there blackberry blend. Wow, great flavor! Nice job guys fan[...]

    Eric Business Owner

  • Love this sauce. I use it on breakfast style foods like pancakes and waffles. It’s amazing.[...]

    Michael Gunnery Sergeant in Marine Corps

  • Habby Fruit hot Sauce is made from high quality ingredients….so delicious! You have to try some to believe it! They ma[...]

    Jo Dee Teacher

  • Perfect Combination of sweet and spicy! It made my wigs 10,000 times better![...]


  • The Apple Garlic is the bomb, highly-highly recommended. Perfect balance between sweet and spicy[...]


  • I could drink the Raspberry and the consequences would be entirely worth it. The Apple Garlic Diablo makes a way-back im[...]


  • I had the pleasure of trying all the varieties at the Bowers Hot Pepper Festival, and Habby Fruit hot saucers were reall[...]


  • The most delicious hot sauces I have had in quite some time! The Blackberry is so good you could drink it! And the Carib[...]


  • I tried Habby Fruit sauces at the Clam Jam Fest and the flavor is absolutely insane. The amount of spice is perfect! Per[...]


  • OMG! Such great flavor, with just the right amount of heat. I/m not into hot sauces that are just there to be hot. These[...]


  • Met these guys at Riverfest Festival, all the sauces were amazing! Both gentleman were extremely knowledgeable! My [...]


  • Great sauces with a variety of flavors for every palette. Got the sweet and mellow Raspberry hot sauce and the fiery App[...]


  • Habby Fruit Hot Sauce is SO GOOD! It’s sweet, tangy, and has the kick to keep you wanting more. I used the Caribbean P[...]


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