Habby Fruit Hot Sauce

Give all your food a “Habby” ending!


Habby Fruit Mango Hot Sauce



Habby Fruit Mango hot sauce is our most recent flavor that we createdsimply because of our love for mangoes. We figure what better way to bring the taste of the tropics to our little town in the north than to use the king of the tropical fruits itself!

We feel that the sweetness of the mango is a perfect match for our habanero peppers. The mango has such a delightful taste on its own that we simply complimented it by adding some of our favorite seasonings and a few other selective ingredients. Habby Fruit Mango hot sauce is quickly making a statement for itself to be the top dog in our line of hot sauces as many people have told us that our hot sauce has so much more flavor any then other mango hot sauces they have ever tried. They also tell us how they love that we did not sacrifice the delightful taste of the mango during the process.

We are hoping you will give our Habby Fruit Mango hot sauce a try and taste what so many others have come to love. Whatever your favorite mango infused dish, we are sure that you will enjoy it even more by adding some of our Habby Fruit Mango sauce to it. Give it a try on a cheese danish for a great tasting start to your day or put some on your favorite fish to wake it up and add another level of flavor! Don’t forget to add it your favorite chicken and pork dishes too!

Habby Fruit Mango hot sauce is a delicious hot sauce with a tropical taste that can be used in many dishes. Feel free to send us pictures and recipe ideas and we will add them to our website for others to enjoy.

Make all your food happy with Habby Fruit!