Habby Fruit Hot Sauce

Make all your food happy with Habby Fruit!


You don’t know hot sauce until you know Habby Fruit. This is wicked good! I discovered it a few months back and now I give it to friends and family on holidays and birthdays.

Steve Electrician

Ok, so everyone in my office was talking about this Habby Fruit and I thought it was just another sauce until I tried it. Now I understand what all the fuss was about. This is amazing stuff and I don’t ever write reviews for products but I had to give a huge shout out to Habby Fruit!

Tanner Engineer

Holy Smokes this stuff is DA-BOMB! Four words: Habby-Fruit on wings. You are welcome.

Jared Mechanic

Four unique flavors give your mouth endless delicious possibilities. Habby Fruit has your mouth covered from breakfast to dinner to dessert…and don’t forget snacks!

Greg Researcher

Who would possibly believe fruit and habanero peppers could create such a flavorful experience? Your mouth gets the best of sweet and spicy combined. I use Habby Fruit on pork, beef, chicken and fish dinners.

Joan Teacher

My son won’t eat breakfast unless he has Habby Fruit on his oatmeal. It is a staple in our refrigerator now. Will you come out with other flavors any time soon?

Cassie Homemaker

Habby Fruit is Habby-licious! There is nothing like it on the market! I was not a fan of hot sauce until I discovered Habby Fruit Blackberry. I’ve tried the other flavors and each is better then the last.

Keith Sales

Can I give this more then a 5 STAR rating, please?! We put Habby Fruit on everything! My son loves Habby Fruit Raspberry and Blackberry flavors on his ice cream. Last night I tried putting Apricot on Tilapia and it was a smash hit with the whole family. Thank you, Habby Fruit!

Lynn Project Manager

Fantastic combination of fruits and heat. Neither are overpowering, just right! We have used all Habby Fruit hot sauce flavors in everything from nachos to tacos to yogurt; yes yogurt. Great addition to your recipes.

Mike Business Owner

I was never a fan of habanero sauces….until I tried Habby Fruit!! Habby Fruit is the perfect complement to my grilled chicken salad and sandwiches!

Johny Sales

Habby Fruit hot Sauce is made from high quality ingredients….so delicious! You have to try some to believe it! They made me a believer. YUM!!!

Jo Dee Teacher

Love this sauce. I use it on breakfast style foods like pancakes and waffles. It’s amazing.

Michael Gunnery Sergeant in Marine Corps

Made omelets this morning by sautéed onions and spinach in there blackberry blend. Wow, great flavor! Nice job guys fantastic product

Eric Business Owner

The Habby Fruit hot sauce is so flavorful!!! Came home from the Hamburg-er Festival and cracked it open!! In beginning, sweet & tangy…then a smokey finish with the perfect amount of heat…This is not your ordinary hot sauce. Wow, can’t wait to grill!! Thank you for such an awesome product!!


All of their sauces have some heat, but the fruits balance everything out beautifully. Check out these hot sauces!

Michael Pulmonary Equipment Technician

These hot sauces are fantastic! Great fruit based flavors, not just heat…so many uses!

Donna Analyst

I bought the Blackberry hot sauce, it’s delicious! I plan to put it on everything else. Highly Recommended!

Cynthia Researcher

Habby Fruit is the key to waking up in the morning! I sprinkle some Blackberry Habanero on top of my eggs and toast for a spicy start to my day!

Marcus Engineer