Habby Fruit Hot Sauce

Give all your food a “Habby” ending!


Habby Fruit Apricot Hot Sauce



Habby Fruit Apricot hot sauce is our most daring hot sauce that we created to date and we are happy we did! It is no secret that we have a love for the sweetness in fruit and the heat from the habanero pepper but we also love a good backyard BBQ and all the smoked trimmings that come along with it. So one day while sitting at a private party eating some really awesome smoked foods, it hit us. Why not have a delicious hot sauce that offers that little taste of heavenly smoke that compliments whatever dish you are making? It was a no brainer that apricot was the perfect match for this and that was the day we decided we were going to make the best apricot hot sauce we could.

The sweetness of the apricot is perfect to mix with our habanero peppers. We added some savory spices and infused it with a hint of smoke. The result is our Habby Fruit Apricot hot sauce. We were eager to try it out at the next BBQ and when we did everybody absolutely loved it! It was instant success. It complimented most everything on which it was used.

If you enjoy a little heavenly smoke in your foods then we are confident that you will appreciate the flavors in this hot sauce. We have heard from people that they start their day with it on their favorite omelettes. They are putting it on hot dogs, burgers, pastas, grilled cheese sandwiches, snacks, mac-n-cheese, pizza, grilled chicken, ribs, pulled pork, venison, nachos, wings or whatever. The list goes on and on!

We are hoping you will give our Habby Fruit Apricot hot sauce a try and see how its unique flavor will enhance your favorite foods. Feel free to send us pictures and recipe ideas and we will add them to our website for others to enjoy.

Make all your food happy with Habby Fruit!