Habby Fruit Hot Sauce

Give all your food a “Habby” ending!


Habby Fruit is a small hot sauce company based in the little town of Fogelsville, Pennsylvania. We are a family-owned business, spreading our wings and ready to fly into the hot sauce world. We may be new to the market but we are not new to making great sauces. Our sauces were originally made exclusively for family, friends, and neighbors to enjoy during holidays and backyard BBQ’s. After many years of encouragement, we decided to share the delicious sauces beyond Fogelsville. We are very excited about this adventure and hope that you will join us on this journey as we produce some great sauces that are going to take all your foods to another level!

Our family absolutely loves the flavor and heat levels of habanero peppers as well as the taste of sweetness that comes from our fresh fruit.With one taste, and we believe you will experience the perfect combination of heat and sweet. We take great pride in the making of all our sauces and want you to enjoy the same great taste that so many others have come to love. With the perfect blend of locally grown peppers, fruits and spices we believe you will find our sauces to be truly unique. Family, friends, and neighbors reported that the sauces work extremely well and can be added to most any food you can think of. While many hot sauces are made to make you sweat, the Habby Fruit brand provides loads of flavor balanced with a playful little kick. Habby Fruit will enhance all of your favorite foods with tons of flavor while still keeping you warm and fuzzy!

Thank you for stopping by to see what Habby Fruit is all about. We hope you enjoy our portfolio of sauces as much as we do and become one of our loyal Habby Fruit followers! We also love hearing from our valued customers and appreciate all your comments. Please contact us anytime at habbyfruit@gmail.com if you have any question or comments or to simply share your own “Habby” experience!